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Claims Research

"A suite of techniques to optimise product claims at different touchpoints, backed by expert. knowledge"

There is an increasingly complexity about the claims that companies wish to make about their products. It is vital to understand which are most motivating to the consumer and in what context to ensure the success of both new and existing products.

We have years of expertise in claims testing but have adapted our techniques over the years to fit with ever changing requirements of product claims:


  • What are the claims that drives the category? 

  • What are the claims that are most motivating for individual products and what is the hierarchy of claims? 

  • What are the emotions and reactions that surround a particular claim? 

  • How do claims interact with each other 

  • What is the best way of describing a claim? E.g., low in fat, 0% fat, fat free, reduced fat…?  

  • Which work best at the different touch points of a product but to also ensure a continuity of claims messaging?  

At Touchstone, we have the expertise to help companies optimize a claims strategy. We use a suite of research techniques that we adapt into a bespoke study for each product and brand. These include:

  • Behaviour Change techniques to understand category claims 

  • Neuroscience including MindTrace and Timed Emotional Response to measure implicit and rational reactions to claims 

  • Conjoint techniques to understand drivers, hierarchy of importance and best combination of claims 

  • Pack Testing – to ensure claims are maximized on packs in the context of brand logos, pack design and other pack information       

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