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Concept Testing

"A detailed concept evaluation providing key measures for decision-making and depth of diagnostics for optimisation, to maximise the opportunity for in-market success."

Successful NPD is key for all business, now more so than ever, with increasingly competitive market places, highly demanding consumers, and challenging retail conditions.

We take a bespoke approach to concept evaluation and use a robust solution for evaluating, optimising, and prioritising new product ideas for development within the NPD pipeline.

Online testing - evaluate anything from 1 to 100 different concepts across a study. Can be tested amongst broad main shoppers, category buyers or brand users or ensuring a robust read from all three.

Using a mix of traditional metrics and implicit association techniques, we provide everything you need to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimising new concept ideas to deliver maximum in-market success.


Key metrics are benchmarked against concept norms and current in-market competitors to contextualise the results.  

Implicit associations and drivers analysis are incorporated to determine the communication routes to successful implementation. What is at the heart of the NPD that is going to emotionally hook consumers to your brand? We can also provide early sales volume and source of volume forecasting  to bring to life the in-market opportunity and aid NPD prioritisation.

We use a suite of tools to determine the true underlying appeal of your NPD in order to drive the true concept potential. 

- Key Driver Analysis is used to truly determine the underlying drivers of purchase. Derived indirectly from consumer responses including use of word clicking exercises, we identify the key elements that appeal and drive purchase to understand the core conversion motivators. 

- Timed Emotional Response technique provides an understanding of how ‘automatic’ an association is. Faster responses indicate a more deeply held perception which is routed in the sub-conscious brain, and which therefore has more potential to resonate with consumers.  

- Plus we cover traditional questioning: 

  • Likes and dislikes 

  • Purchase intent (price and unpriced) 

  • How new and different and exciting 

  • Variant/flavour appeal and ranging 

  • Source of volume 

  • Usage occasions 

  • Consumer profiling 

  • Pack design evaluation

With our years of expertise across all areas of consumer and leisure research we can advise and help on: 

  • Prioritising and optimising NPD for development  

  • Understanding the key emotional hooks and resonance for in-market communications and packaging 

  • Determining sales opportunities to enable ROI led decision-making 

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