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The trouble with market research is that people don't think what they feel,
they don't say what they think, and they don't do what they say

― David Ogilvy

MindTrace Website Background BANNER.jpg
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Humans make tens of thousands of decisions every day.  It’s widely known the great majority of these are neither considered nor evaluated: most of them just happen, subconsciously.


We know the importance of emotion in driving these subconscious decisions:  in our world, brands are successful through exploitation of these emotional connections with people.  These intangible assets, that organisations own, ultimately drive shareholder value. So, it’s vitally important we know how they work.


MindTrace enables us to optimise all your consumer-facing activity so we can get closer to making the intangible, tangible. We do this by measuring sub-conscious reactions to neurological responses, which are proven to be a better predictor of human behaviour than direct questioning. 


By uniquely combining three behavioural metrics, MindTrace captures unprecedented levels of data to underpin recommendations for marketing investments, be that new or existing concepts, packs or any type of communication.  

Taking place in the participant’s time, at their convenience, without the need for apps, cookies or any intervention on their device beyond enabling the camera with fully informed consent.

Measurement alone is not enough: we work with neurological experts to combine the latest academic knowledge with research rigour to enable our partners to make better decisions. 




We know what people know. But also, what they don’t know.


MindTrace: Easy | Accurate | Fast | Predictive | Global

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