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When 'unsubscribe' doesn't work

GDPR – and the run up to its implementation – has been all over the news this year. We’re quite fortunate in the research industry that we all started from a very good place, having developed guidelines for data protection and respondent anonymity years before a computer was ever commonplace on the desk.

Whilst we at Touchstone are GDPR compliant, I’m continually surprised at the number of companies that appear not to be. I’ve recently taken to unsubscribing from emails that I no longer want to regularly receive (or confirming my desire not to receive them should I be offered that opportunity). But it is not at all uncommon for me to continue to receive emails from these companies despite the fact that I have ‘opted-out’.

We all love a good TED talk, so here’s a great one from James Veitch explaining his solution to this problem a few years ago.


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