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Changes To Our Working Week to Boost The Touchstone Experience For Clients & Staff

Our obsession is to provide a top-class customer experience.

This starts with our team: how they feel about their role, the work they do and the company of which they are a part must reflect the quality of experience that we always strive to give our customers.

We all know the task of managing primary research and creating insight can be gruelling; sometimes, with no 'let up', for long periods. It can be draining.

We’ve all recently experienced massive disruption to time-honoured work patterns: at Touchstone we adapted our styles and methods to meet the COVID reality and – we thrived – we grew but we now have a new reality emerging.

Whilst it would be all too easy to just ‘keep going’ in the wfh /wfo variations of a theme, we have recognised this is no longer sufficient or efficient. We’ve had a re-think to sustain quality output in the context of this new reality.

Here’s our beta solution for today’s world (it’s beta because we recognise, we may need adaptation): Our new 4-day work week (full time salary), which will commence on 6th June, will be shaped by our existing team so that we have a “way of working” blueprint for any new joiner. Working from home or from an office is inconsequential to us. Ultimately, it’s about the success and the service we give our clients, driven and supported by a healthy, balanced and motivated team, we are more likely to be able to deliver the highest possible service and performance for you.

Whilst we are not strictly operating a compressed work week, our new 4-day work week will ensure clients still have full access to the team, 5-days a week.

We do what we always do at Touchstone, Learn, Evolve and Apply. It’s what we’ve done for our customers and ourselves for the last 20 years and will do for at least the next 20 years.

Times change, our DNA doesn’t.

If you are interested in finding out more, email us:

About Touchstone

Touchstone was founded in 2002 by Jon Darby, Managing Director and Tim Baker, Chairman. Touchstone has expertise across all types of B2C and B2B research from finance, technology to insight and consulting for both Leisure and FMCG sectors.

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